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BVStx’s mission is to educate the public, particularly the African American community, on the benefits of a plant-based diet, to promote wellness and to influence the community to pursue a vegetarian lifestyle.About BVStx.

Our Organization seeks to educate our community. Particularly in meeting and addressing the concerns of chronic and degenerative diseases. People of color are disproportionately affected by hypertension and diabetes.

BVStx serves to provide for information, resources, and activities for our members and for those desiring to make the transition to a plant-based diet. Through a variety of exciting informative monthly events such as presentations, cooking classes and weekend getaways, we provide education and support for the vegetarian, almost vegetarian and the non-vegetarian alike. Attendance and membership is optional.

BVStx publishes a quarterly newsletter that spotlights a member-owned business, which allows us to share a part of our family with yours. In addition, we have a speaker’s bureau where our speakers address a variety of health-related subjects.

Special programs: Vegetarianism 101 addresses the issues and concerns of vegetarianism in the first two classes. The following two classes concentrate on veganism, food combining and other information. Our Vegetarian Cooking Class is presented in a series of four classes that cover food preparation, raw foods, textured vegetable protein and more.

As with most nonprofit groups, volunteers are the catalyst of the group and are always needed. BVStx members/volunteers are ultimately responsible for the image and the success of The Black Vegetarian Society of Texas. We invite you and encourage you to get involved! Volunteering works! Without you, we will continue to grow and develop new, exciting programs.Do not miss the benefits of annual full-fledged membership:

*Monthly programs
*Discounts at various area businesses
*Subscription to BVStx Newsletter (4 issues)
*Website resources
*Starter kit
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